Off to Philadelphia

I am off to Philadelphia in a little bit. I will return next Sat(Cat)urday night the 30th.

Please pray for everyone on the trip! I'm sure I will have something to write about when I get back.

God bless,

Legit Torrents Reaches 500 Legal Torrents!

From LegitTorrents.info:

We have reached 500 legal torrents in our database! A huge thanks to everyone in the ever growing community. This would not be possible with out you. Keep up the good work, 600 is just around the corner!

Digg it?

A great achievement for Legit Torrents.

In other news, I am just working on a few websites while enjoying the summer. Some are for my interests, some for clients. Good stuff.

God bless,

Crazy Days (And Stolen Work)

Finals this week, it has been crazy. A lot of parties last weekend, and again this weekend, good stuff. Rachelle is going away, not fun, but pray for her. I will see her one last time before she goes, tomorrow night.

In other news, someone has stolen some work of mine. Not only do the operate on the same idea and software as Legit Torrents, they also have many of the same images, images that I did not release to anyone. I have sent them an email through their forums saying this:

You do not have my permission to use the current theme on your tracker. I ask that you please take it down immediately. You can contact me at en3r0.x@gmail.com if you are interested in purchasing it.



We will see how or if they respond.