Odd Nerdom.

Changing my AIM screen name today for the first time since a bit before I started High School. that is about 7 years. Wow. It is quite odd how I can go through the buddy list and remember almost all of them and put a face to them. Oh well.

So I don't understand Love at all by the way, it really can conquer all. I have much to learn about it.

Also, chances of working at Camp Burton this year are looking good!

Praise God. With the Good. With the Bad.

Love Drives

With an empty stomach, that is pretty mad at me for drinking redbull and eating plain tortilla chip crumbs, I sit here and write. Just came home from a mini LAN at Dan G's. Chris and I went late and played a few WC3 mods. The redbull was free, and the crumbs leftover.

I am writing because I need to. I need to translate some thoughts into binary for current and later analysis or remembrance. I Love Tiffany Fox. I said it, and will say it again. I love her.

I told her for the first time the other night in the oddest way. We were on the couch watching a little family guy, and during a commercial I said it with no thought of saying it. Unromantic, but I had to say it. We both felt it long before then, but that is when it was it was first officially said in full.

I have seen her almost everyday since she has been home. It's been amazing. Sadly thought she has 2 weeks to get ready and leave for Africa. I would be lying if I told you I wasn't worried. I am. But I trust God that he has our best interests in mind. He certainly has proved that so far.

Since God made her, I know he's in love with me. Super duper cheesy cliche line! It speaks volumes of truth.

I know.