God is good!

Yes sir, God is good. Because just when you think something going wrong, look at all he has given you, and be thankful. I'm quite thankful for Rachelle, so here are some more pictures since I got my phone to work with my computer again.

Another Retro Photo


Yes, I'm Weird

Shield Your Eyes, It's Magic

Those are the pictures :)

Of course, there are some more picture I've taken with my phone that I'll share with you:

That's Actually a Car on Fire

November Sunset

November Sunrise

August Afternoon

Windows Error on TV Early in the Morning

Produced From a Good Time at the Mall With Lee

Virtenu is officially launched today! Check it out at:


There you have it, and that's really all I have to say for tonight. Youth Group tomorrow, always a great time!
God bless,

Life is good :)

So I havn't updated this thing in forever, but my girlfriend encouraged me to. so here we are, yes dustin has a girlfriend, amazing I know, i never thought it could happen eaither!

Her name is Rachelle, she is amazing!!! Heres a very clear detailed picture from my phone :)

Great 60's Photo

So she pretty much rox my sox and I love her to death. :)

In other news, my art has been kinda put on hold, a few works here and there, but none finished. Although, me and Rachelle were at the park on Sunday and we took some sweet pictures, once I reformat her computer or get her camera hooked up to my pc, ill upload them.

School is good, thanksgiving was too! Cant wait for Christmas!!! thats about all for now folks, besides Virtenu should be launching soon.


God bless,