Another Lonley Christmas?

Will I be spending yet another Christmas alone? Last year was amazing with Rachelle, and I can only hope and pray she comes back before this one... I was recently looking at her xanga, and I decided to find the first post she mentioned me in. Well after 30 min I found that she mentioned me the day after the first time we met. What that has to do with anything, I don't know. I guess the pain hasn't gone. I Love her so much. Here is a disturbing picture to make your read worth while:


God bless,


Some short updates:

*The Wii rocks, and has already won the console war in my opinion.

*Chipotle never gets old!

*Still no job, the position I would have had at Circuit City was cut.

*No one ever hangs out in a large group any more and that sucks.

*Torrop is still growing quite well.

*Legit Torrents is also!

*I still miss my best friend.

Don't forget The Pwn Z0ne is coming up this Friday!

God bless,

.Updates on Life

Here are some updates in the world I live:

I still have no Job. Hopefully that will change tomorrow. I am still single, that will probably never change. I am getting distracted by the Travel Channel.

Saturday night, Chris, Lee, Dan, Ty and myself camped out at Toys R' Us for the Wii pre-orders. We were told the manager would hand them out at 7:00 when he got there. An hour later we decided to just go to Church since we were all wet and freezing (it was snowing out). Long story short I have no pre-order, gay.

Anyway, after nodding off a few times in service (thanks to Bekah for hitting me and keeping me awake!) we all went out to Chipotle! It being Bekah's time and other Church's having free burrito coupons, most of us ate free.

Today I did pretty much nothing as usual, but I did get around to doing some more art:

Screw Fall

Just my opinion about the season of which we are in.

God bless,

P.S. Enjoy the new style of the blog!

Need sleep...

Fall Advance 2006 was great!! I went as a leader this year, and loved every moment of it. Well, it was a bit sad at once point to realize that a year ago all my senior friends were there with me, but other than that it was good!

My back is currently angry with me for sleeping a hard wood bench that was right under the window for 2 days. All the cots and bunks were full. I met a lot of new friends (new to me anyways) and got to bond with some old.

My friend that works at circuit city said I should be getting hired, so I hope that works out tomorrow, I need the cash! Adsense is great, but my sites aren't that popular lol. Speaking of which, Torrop is doing well still! Just need more people to get their hands dirty by submitting and voting! Also, Legit Torrents is growing too! I recently redesigned it, tell me what you think of the new look.

I need sleep now.

God bless,