The Revolution Is Here.

The revolution I've always wanted is actually upon us. Occupy Wall Street has started what I believe to be a new cultural revolution. Something the United States has not seen since the 1960's. Though tempted to compare the two, I believe this new movement to be different in many ways. To be short, it is corporate greed at the root of it all.

Even now as I watch thousands of people live protesting in Times Square, it doesn't seem real. Watching it live, crazy. Earlier this year I watched the revolution in Egypt while I was at work. Me sitting across the world in a nice office, watching people in Egypt 'fight for their freedom'.

I sit here in confusion, though knowing the right things. These protests have a good world label slapped on them, at least in my view. But nations will come and go, and even if the country collapses tomorrow, God's Kingdom stands forever. I should obviously be investing in eternity.

Perhaps the two can come together for me, we will see.

God certainly has blessed though, my beautiful wife reading The Shack and our curious little kitty sniffing the candle.

Here's to blogging more!