There are very few things that matter in life.

There are very few things that matter in life.

Sometimes it seems like it is hard to figure out what to do with life, what direction to go. Perhaps it is possible to make that easier by just stepping back and taking a look at life as a whole. Maybe that is hard for you to do on your own, but talking to someone who is older can change that around quickly.

When you hear someone talking about their ENTIRE existence, and how they know there may not be many years left for them, it can be a real eye opener. They went to school, got in some fights, got married, worked, had kids, retired, and are planning for the next few years, knowing death could come upon them, and more certainly those they love who are even older... it's just odd.

Life goes by too quickly to just float through it. Even a regular day contains the ability to change into something special. Don't waste them.

India Bound

I can never quite remember what I type into here.

We fly out for India July 16th. No return tickets, estimated 1 year abroad. Awesome.

Tiffany has planned pretty much the entire first month and a half. I did some, but she really deserves all the credit. We will then serve in Pune with a church we found through our current church Sanctuary Columbus Church.

Keeping a blog at: ReroutedJourney.com

Currently I am sitting in Caribou Coffee, Where Tiffany works. She was supposed to work a 3 hour shift today and I was going to join and just do some work until she got off. She got a call this morning and said yes to coming in around 9. I came anyway and have been sitting here since 9:30am. It has been nice to have such focus for an extended time in a different environment though.

I really hope this traveling thing can continue past 1 year though. I am looking at Thailand next. Ultimately thought it is wherever God leads us.

It really is encouraging to see what life can be if you are not tied down to a job and a house. So many possibilities. And of course with God, anything is possible.

Going On

Occupy Wall Street is still going on. Recently coordinated evictions on OWS camps was launched. Coordinated between 18 U.S. cities with involvement from DHS and FBI. Sad. People are still going strong though.

I am very easily wrapped up in all of this. It was a great reminder this past weekend when we were staying in Marion (for Eric and Alysia's wedding) to hear pastor Ryan say that our economy is not the world's economy. To expand further, this nation is not our nation, this kingdom is not our kingdom.

Really trying to seek out what I want to be doing in life, but I seem to be seeking all the places but the place that matter most.

The Revolution Is Here.

The revolution I've always wanted is actually upon us. Occupy Wall Street has started what I believe to be a new cultural revolution. Something the United States has not seen since the 1960's. Though tempted to compare the two, I believe this new movement to be different in many ways. To be short, it is corporate greed at the root of it all.

Even now as I watch thousands of people live protesting in Times Square, it doesn't seem real. Watching it live, crazy. Earlier this year I watched the revolution in Egypt while I was at work. Me sitting across the world in a nice office, watching people in Egypt 'fight for their freedom'.

I sit here in confusion, though knowing the right things. These protests have a good world label slapped on them, at least in my view. But nations will come and go, and even if the country collapses tomorrow, God's Kingdom stands forever. I should obviously be investing in eternity.

Perhaps the two can come together for me, we will see.

God certainly has blessed though, my beautiful wife reading The Shack and our curious little kitty sniffing the candle.

Here's to blogging more!

Unexpected Post

It seems I never publish anything I write here any more, I think I deem it too personal.

Well maybe this one will make it through. I am at home right now looking out a beautiful window to see the not so beautiful day as some might call it. But it is beautiful. I am 10 stories up facing west from a very nice and very tiny studio apartment. I have always dreamed of having my computer next to a window with a great view, and here I am. Funny thing is it too my lovely wife a lot of patience to get me to agree to rearranging the room.

I get comfortable way too easily, I like things to stay the same... but only if I like them the way they are. Why try something new when this is working just fine right? Is this me? I wouldn't describe myself that way.

We have made many many many MANY friends here in Chicago! This is due to God blessing us with such a fantastic church, Destination. And though we know we are in God's will and he has provided so much support in those friends, I can't help but sometimes miss friends of old. Some of which I may not see for a long while... Jon.

I still have not fully come to terms with his death here on Earth (side note: today is Earth Day). I feel like he is just somewhere else like he has been the past few years, and that I will seem him again soon. This line of thinking might not be too far off.

So today is also Good Friday, and a market Holiday. Day off FTW! So I am doing some work on what I hope someday to be my self employment. Though I do think more lately God has a plan for me being at my current job (well I know he has a plan, but you know what I am saying).