For Frodo

I finally watched all of the Lord of the Rings movies, yes as in for the first time.

I can't help but wounder what it would have been like to act in this amazing set of movies. The cast would have to have been in character almost the entire time, and months before hand as well. Thus they became the characters.

So what happened to honor and fighting for country even in the face of sure loss, what happened to taking a risk with your life so that the rest of middle earth might have a slight chance? Well maybe not that last one. But my point is that no one stands for anything in the world today.

The amount of brotherhood the fellowship displays is almost tear jerking, to know they are there even in the face of death.. I will also admit that I did shead some tears in the very last part of the return of the king (third one).

I often placed myself in Frodo's position (people used to say I looked like him when my hair was shorter) and Dan Counterman in Sams (not just because they look alike lol). In almost every situation Sam helped Frodo out, doing anything for him, and I can honestly say that I know Dan would have done the same for me, and I just want to thank him for that if he ever reads this.

So now I have the urge to live in a fantasy world where there are nice elven princesses waiting to be kissed, battles to be fought (in which I charge the front line every time and still live), and no apparent drinking age. But alas it is but a dream.

God bless,

Weekend Review

This weekend was a lot of fun. I wasn't going to go, but Steve said he needed me to drive some people back early. They ended up having their plans canceled, so I stayed the whole time, so I guess God wanted me there. It was at a different place than last year, so it wasn't quite the same, especially with out Rachelle.

I still think about her all the time, but she is stranded in Florida. Please pray that she finds a way to come home soon. My life is very empty without her here.

Virtenu is going well, we've seen a lot of traffic increasing lately.

God bless,

I Can't Do Anything Right.

I try so hard to please you, to make you happy. I just want things to be like they used to.

I want the world to stand still like when we were together.

I want for you to realize how much I care for you, how much I think of you, how much I would do for you.

I want for us to move across the globe, sharing the word of God together, as one. I want for God to bless us with tons of money, so we can give it all away.

I want for things to be like they used to.

I want to go back to the times where I worked all night, and you would wake me up early.

I want go back to the times where we did devotions at Pizza Hut before church every wensday.

I want for you to love me back just as much as I love you.

I want you.

I want too much.

I love you desperately.

Back to College We Go...

Back to college here in a day and I am not looking forward to that one bit. New Year was interesting... Learned how naive I can be at times.. Hope everyone had a good one.

I've also learned lately that a lot of crap gets talked in the Church, guess you don't notice it until its all about you and the people you care for. Boo on that. That is why I'm moving with someone to Ireland, or Amsterdam.. But we are not going to stay at the Hostel... That is the worst movie ever, it's just sick. Normally I like movies like that, but no It's gay. Actually turned it off before finishing it.

Rachelle left for Florida today, to get her stuff and bring it home. Pray that she has a safe trip!

That's all for now.

God bless,