What a Crazy World

Again, it has been ages since I have posted something, or so it seems. I moved about a month a half ago to Marion, IN. Life here is fantastic. I live with Lee, Eric and Tom. People are always over and that rocks.

Rereading through the posts, I did get that job at Camp Burton and was gone pretty much all Summer. Tiffany was too though, in Africa for 2 months. Wow that was hard and seems like so so long ago. It really has been quite a trip since she got back. She went to DC for a few days about 2 weeks after she got home, then back for a day, then I went camping the the Adirondacks in NY for a week. Her greatgrandpa died and we made it back just in time for me to shower for 5 min and head to the funeral. Thanks guys for driving all night to get me back home after climbing a mountain (literally).

This is really all just reiteration for later place in time.

Freelancing is going well for me, God has really blessed me. I had a interview the first weekday I was out here with a web design company. They gave me some contract work and I have been working with them since. Other jobs just keep coming randomly. The people I have been working with are very helpful to me and it really is just a huge blessing.

I am saving up for this shiny rock to put on my girls finger... that might be fun to look at later. haha

Honestly life is great and I am loving it. I need to figure out what to teach on Sunday for the jr. high at God's house though..


Odd Nerdom.

Changing my AIM screen name today for the first time since a bit before I started High School. that is about 7 years. Wow. It is quite odd how I can go through the buddy list and remember almost all of them and put a face to them. Oh well.

So I don't understand Love at all by the way, it really can conquer all. I have much to learn about it.

Also, chances of working at Camp Burton this year are looking good!

Praise God. With the Good. With the Bad.

Love Drives

With an empty stomach, that is pretty mad at me for drinking redbull and eating plain tortilla chip crumbs, I sit here and write. Just came home from a mini LAN at Dan G's. Chris and I went late and played a few WC3 mods. The redbull was free, and the crumbs leftover.

I am writing because I need to. I need to translate some thoughts into binary for current and later analysis or remembrance. I Love Tiffany Fox. I said it, and will say it again. I love her.

I told her for the first time the other night in the oddest way. We were on the couch watching a little family guy, and during a commercial I said it with no thought of saying it. Unromantic, but I had to say it. We both felt it long before then, but that is when it was it was first officially said in full.

I have seen her almost everyday since she has been home. It's been amazing. Sadly thought she has 2 weeks to get ready and leave for Africa. I would be lying if I told you I wasn't worried. I am. But I trust God that he has our best interests in mind. He certainly has proved that so far.

Since God made her, I know he's in love with me. Super duper cheesy cliche line! It speaks volumes of truth.

I know.

Blissfully on the Edge; Eager to Jump.

Let me tell you something. God is crazy. He certainly works in ways you would not imagine, and often when you are not expecting.

Yes Internets, I have met a girl.

Her name is Tiffany. She is the most amazing girl I have ever met. I can honestly and truly say that.

I visited her at IWU this weekend, and had one of the best weekends ever. We went to the park for while.. and she lost her keys. We looked everywhere for awhile, but eventually someone came to get us. She was embarrassed, but it was funny, and made it more memorable haha!

We also went to Indianapolis Saturday night, saw her friend, got lost, had a intense conversation, walked around, neglected to pay for parking, came back, got tacos and had an over all amazing time.

I am incredibly excited about what the future holds. You have no idea!

God please bless this relationship. Help us to draw closer to you, and to glorify you through all we do. Amen.

Were doing nothing at all.

My hopes are so high that your kiss might kill me.

Oh geeze. Dashboard Confessional. Can be quite depressing.

So lets see... I graduated about 2.5 months ago, and I still have no job. I have been looking everywhere, and pretty much given up on the idea of using my degree right now in this job market. Time to keep looking Monday though.

Random thought: I think photo journalism would be a sweet job.

So last night I hung out with a friend and 2 other friends who happen to be engaged. I wont mention any names. My one friend left because she had other plans. So it was me and them again and that gets depressing. Being around people who have great relationships when you don't. I am happy for them, I honestly am. But I can only take so much of it haha. Someday though. Maybe.

I have kinda been talking with a girl who I can tell is interested somewhat, but lives a few hours away. And it would be rather insane, but I just want to drive to her right now and throw caution to the wind. Just like a movie. Which is cool to an extent, but life is not a movie. I think I have trouble separating movie relationships from real life ones sometimes. Also, not being in the word as much this past week has allowed me to misplace all of my hope into her. That must change.

So if you do read this, that is interesting. This is just me allowing my thoughts to be transformed into binary data. Pretty cool I guess.

So I leave you with this for now:

"Character is doing the right thing when nobody's looking. There are too many people who think that the only thing that's right is to get by, and the only thing that's wrong is to get caught."
-J. C. Watts

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving." -Colossians 3:23-24

Not sure why I am putting it here, but oh well. The first I am sure has a lot of variations, but read one of them while playing the new Empire Total War today. Great game. The second quote turned up in a search to find the first, how sweet.

Edit: New layout!

The grossest thing you'll see all day...

Not often do I ask for support, but please give this a view and spread it!

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look at what we have here..

Glad I started this blog, it is great to see how my thought process has changed over the years. Ya, that makes me sound old.

Currently in life:
No Job - just a little random cash coming in here and there.
No School - I graduated fool.
No Life - ..that's not true.

A lot of work with websites recently, tiring, but needed to be done. My passion for gaming has risen again to help kill productivity. Living in RL still not live, but hopefully soon.

It will be interesting to see what life holds after this Summer. Certainly I pray I don't wander after, "The American Dream." At the rate were going, there may be no America for those dreams anyway.

Sigh.. I'm hungry.

Cat Playing Piano - You Can't Watch Just Once.

Call it animal cruelty if you like, but I don't think he minded that much.

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