Jet Pack Video Clips......."The Rocketman" in Action!

Makes me want to get my own Jet Pack! Some real crazy stuff be sure to check the link at the end of this post. Night time though, getin up early to go to canton all day tomm :).


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The Pirate Bay Needs Our Help!

Looks like The Pirate Bay is experienceing some growing pains. They give the specs of what they already have (impressive), what they are going to get, and how much they have toward they goal (updated daily). Pictures of the current setup are available as well. Wish santa brought me that!

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Merry Christmas Eve Eve.

I was sick all day yesterday, that wasn't fun, but I'm pretty much better now. Rachelle always tells me to update this thing, but I guess I only do it when I'm real bored, and that I am. I'm going to pick up Rachelle from work around 4, that means I could leave around 3, but since I'm going to be a good boy and go the speed limit, I'll go around 2:30ish. It's 12:37... Wow lol.

So I guess life seems sort of... blan, as if it is just there. Like your looking at a time line of your life, and all these years there has sort of been a mist, a fog, covering up what comes next, and now all the sudden the fog has sudden vanished, and now you can see your future as clear as day. That's it, no more surprises, there's the rest of your life.

Now, I know I can't see what God has in front of me, but that's just sort of the way I've been feeling as of late. I guess being sick sort of makes you a bit crazy. But if that's the case, I must always be sick... Ha.

Hmm... I think I'm going to go try and occupy myself with something. Pray for me.


.Distance makes the heart grow fonder

Or so we hope. Rachelle leaves for Florida tomm. That is sad. :( I'm going with her and her Grandma to the air port, and taking her computer home afterwards to work on it. But Christmas break is coming up and hopefully we will be spending alot of time together. In fact, we have plans to see each other Christmas day.

In other news, I've just been working on Virtenu. Tring to improve the load time and such. Easier said than done. I picked out a new template today, and will be moding it to my liking through out the week.

I've been thinking alot about my future latly, woundering how, where, when, why things will happen. I'd love to have some answers, but I don't. I've just got to trust God. Today was a good reminder of that.

I'm tired, so I'm going to bed some time. Probably when Rachelle calls. Good night.

God bless,

.Christmas Came Early

Yes, it did. Rachelle is the best present I could ever ask for! On Saturday I went up around 10ish to pick her up from work, but she had to work will 1, so I ate and played games on my cell phone. :) So she ended up geting off around 3:30ish, but thats ok. So we came back to Mansfield, and went to a party we were invited to. But before we left for that, we uploaded all her pictures to my comptuer. Yes, pictures from the previous times spent together. So I will show you some of those now:


At the Park

Amazing Shot of Our Feet

Rachelle's Foot on a Bench

Rachelle Takes Great Photos Too!

A Cross, Because He Died For You and Me.

A Poll, My Shoe, and Water (plus a little cameo).

So after the party we came back to my house, watch part of a stupid movie, and headed home. I went real slow, because it was snowing like crazy out. So we finally got to her house around 12. I called my mom and said it was real bad out, and asked if I could stay. So I did, and it was fun. Her little cousin cries alot though... So needless to say, I didn't sleep very well, but thats alright, I woke up and went to Chruch in the morning. It was a good weekend.

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God bless,