Didn't think I'd make it, but I have. I have finished High School. Graduation is this Sunday, along with too many grad parties. But free food is always a plus!

The LAN (The Pwn Zone) this weekend went better than expected, we had about 70+ people attend! Yes, that does rock! So I'm quite sure we will be doing it again sometime, so our new website it up. You can view it here. No domain name yet, but I'm looking into it.

Memorial Day was hard though, since I went to sleep about 7:30 am lol. But it was fun, went swimming with Chelle and stuff. I think we are going to go again today after she gets of work.

I have a tour thing at UPS tomorrow morning at 6:00 am, fun. But that's ok, it should be a really nice job. My last day at Cracker Barrel is Thursday, I'll miss some people, but life goes on right?

I don't think I'll actually miss too many people from School, sure some, but not as many as I will from Church. That will hurt the most. But We have holidays, and many people come home then, so that is a very good thing :).

Time to eat before I go pick up Rachelle.

God bless,