My First Digg Experience

My first Digg experience was quite a surprise to say the least. I come home from seeing a movie, with Steeltitanpro, to find my server going crazy. So I thought to myself that it must either be backing up at a time I've never told it to, or I'm being hacked. So I try to get on one of my websites, and nothing. I even try to login on the physical machine, and it's almost non-responsive. I restart it, look to see if I've lost anything, I hadn't. So I wait a few minuets, until it starts doing it again. Then I check Digg in the crazy event that one of my websites had been Dugg. Torrop was on the front page.

I was very excited that people actualy liked my site well enough as to share it with the rest of the world. But that feeling slowly faded as I realized my server was dieing. I had never thought in my wildest dreams that I would receive so much traffic all at once!

So I quickly looked for ways to try and keep the site online, but found none. So I reluctantly set up a temp page saying we had been Dugg and to come back later. I kept it up for quite a while, then tried to take it down and let the site run free again! Still, the server couldn't handle it, crazy. But a few hours later I seceded in putting it all back online and we are running fine still. From the temp page alone, this is what Google Analytics shows:

Makes the rest of my traffic look like nothing (wasn't much anyway).

Lessons Learned:

1. Sucess is sweet, but sweeter if you can handle it.
2. You never know when you will get Dugg.
3. Diggers don't click ads.

As for the future of Torrop? Thats another post, look for it!

God bless,
-Dustin (en3r0)


Matt Hall said...

Congrats, it was i(matthall28 on Digg) who submitted Torrop onto Digg. Congrats on the success first one of my stories to make the front page! Any chance you can give me some free advertising for my site?(games-gadgets.com) lol,
Love your sites!
Matt Hall