What Are You Called For?

Interesting question to ask yourself, I ask myself that question a lot. The past 2 weeks have been great. Road trip to Georgia, was amazing. I should get the pictures tonight (a few thousand worth) and will write a very lengthy post about it. Truly a great experience.

So what has God called me to do in my short life here on Earth? Well I have so many thoughts about it, its insane. I'd love to produce movies, or star in them at some point in life, I'd like to be in a band, and sing... although I don't think I can that well. I want to go over seas and do missions work, I want to own a company, or several. So many things. How do you decipher what God wants? I guess I've been taught to just pray and read the word, look for signs. I don't get in the word enough though... Do you?

Life is not easy, but don't dwell so much on the future that you miss the present.

God bless,