Too Late to Think Straight?

Nah, it is never too late, or early depending on how you view 5:30 am.

All I can really think about is how good God is. To be sitting here at a friends house after a great LAN party, food at my disposal, temperature warm enough to sustain me and blankets if I get cold. No immediate threats to my survival. It's almost disgusting that I can have so much and rarely care for those who don't.

"The world's 225 richest people now have a combined wealth of $1 trillion. That's equal to the combined annual income of the world's 2.5 billion poorest people."

I read that just now, pretty pathetic. The top 2% of the people own over half the worlds wealth (source). Awesome! Think of all they could do... If they could stand to open their eyes, but they can't the light is too bright. How have almost 7000 people died of hunger already today (today being the past 6 hours) and go unnoticed by everyone that will read this (source).

I often ponder how much our society, our government, our nation, our world, our interests have gone to pot. Apathy has taken over. So much so that you probably don't even care that is has. Our government is corrupt, they lie, they cheat, and the mislead us on almost all topics. Americans are ignorant, lazy and over weight. War tears us apart daily, from VA Tech to Darfur. And all we can think about is all the worthless crap we use to fill up our lives.

I could gone on forever giving examples of deception and lies and unneeded deaths and malnutrition. But the point is no one cares, no one is willing to help. I strongly urge you to prove me wrong. Do something to change our world.

Perhaps something small at first, remember Hate Kills, Love Heals.

God bless,