?what now

Everyone is gone for college... trying to find new people to hang out with. I can still have fun with new people, but as many people who are at college tell me, it's just not the same. Can it ever be?

I guess not, which is kind of depressing, but that part of life I guess. At lease I can rest in the fact that most of my closest friends will be in Heaven with me. What a day that will be!

I have a strong desire for my art to be known, for myself to be known. While I'm sure this is quite normal, it is also stray from what my strongest desire should be, to make Jesus known more than anything. I can do that through my art and if I do become famous (fat chance I know), but sometimes it is easy to let my desires get in the way.

Here is some stuff I've done lately:

.we are small by ~jaguarman45 on deviantART

.wooden flower by ~jaguarman45 on deviantART

.sing alone by ~jaguarman45 on deviantART

.Dinner Time by ~jaguarman45 on deviantART

I love people, they are beautiful, God knew what he was doing, in everything. Relationships, how people function, react. I love it, I love life. I am so happy to know that no matter what I am always accepted and forgiven by him.

I'm really glad I can live for him and not be terrified for my life. What respect I have for those who fear for their lives and yet live out their lives for him every chance they get!

I want to travel Europe by myself for awhile, with a camera. I know I can't afford it, but I some how could, it would be amazing.


gutarplyr said...

hmmm europe... I got some monay from my grandparents... and I've always wanted to go to europe... backpacking and whatnot. just to see everyting. that's why I don't really want to get married so much. it's totally over rated. I can travel sooo much easier alone don't you agree?