Love Drives

With an empty stomach, that is pretty mad at me for drinking redbull and eating plain tortilla chip crumbs, I sit here and write. Just came home from a mini LAN at Dan G's. Chris and I went late and played a few WC3 mods. The redbull was free, and the crumbs leftover.

I am writing because I need to. I need to translate some thoughts into binary for current and later analysis or remembrance. I Love Tiffany Fox. I said it, and will say it again. I love her.

I told her for the first time the other night in the oddest way. We were on the couch watching a little family guy, and during a commercial I said it with no thought of saying it. Unromantic, but I had to say it. We both felt it long before then, but that is when it was it was first officially said in full.

I have seen her almost everyday since she has been home. It's been amazing. Sadly thought she has 2 weeks to get ready and leave for Africa. I would be lying if I told you I wasn't worried. I am. But I trust God that he has our best interests in mind. He certainly has proved that so far.

Since God made her, I know he's in love with me. Super duper cheesy cliche line! It speaks volumes of truth.

I know.