Late night posting :)

Today was good at Church, the youth gave testomony from our missions trips, and it went well, except i forgot we were soposed to be there for all 3 services. Tonight we all went to Spencers house for worship, that was fun :).

so here are a bunch of still shots a i took the other day when i was hanging out with myself. yea, touched up in photoshop, but thats not a crime. Most of these probably wont get posted on DA.

After fire
Simple shot of my back yard, this is were fires take place, and things are burned! :) yay

Bright Flower
Taken at a Church in lucas, yes, those are flowers! :0

Coke Leaf
haha. yes, a coke leaf... quite similar to Chucks Coke Leaf.

Cold Swing
yes, I need to be more creative with my titles. Taken by the same Church.

(Full view needed for this one.) Taken after geting rained out of my little photo shoot, waiting at railroad tracks.

Pretty Tree
Oh snap, its a tree.

Weird Ride
Also by the Church, dont ask lol.

FlowersAnd yes, those flowers again! But a different shot, such color!

Grey Field
Almost forgot about this one, my back yard again (kinda), in grey :)

Sweet Light
After my day of hanging out with myself, my garage light, inverted of course!

Hope you enjoyed!

God bless,

(yes, all the above images are Copyright 2005, me :))


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