today is Aug 222222

So today I basicly slept all day, to make up for the past 3 days in which I got only a few hours sleep. Had some weird dreams, but they were fun haha.

So latly I've been geting more addicted to DeviantArt. Maybe because I found a great group to join, RockeTowne, their goal is to encourage and love people in the community, and they are doing a great job! You can read more about them on their page.

Since Im addicted, I made a new peice tonight, a shirt idea to be exact. I will upload it here as well as on DeviantArt, to save DA some bandwidth. They are the same image. If you have an account at DA then it would be very nice of you to leave a comment on this. You can do that here. Here is my latest peice, "Loser"

Yea it's not what you'd see every day. I actualy made something similar to this from spray paint, and its fun to watch peoples recations. Hopefully this will become a shirt on Funkrush. But we will have to wait and see.

Thats about it for right now, just listening to Kids in The Way. You should check em out.

God bless,