.Christmas Came Early

Yes, it did. Rachelle is the best present I could ever ask for! On Saturday I went up around 10ish to pick her up from work, but she had to work will 1, so I ate and played games on my cell phone. :) So she ended up geting off around 3:30ish, but thats ok. So we came back to Mansfield, and went to a party we were invited to. But before we left for that, we uploaded all her pictures to my comptuer. Yes, pictures from the previous times spent together. So I will show you some of those now:


At the Park

Amazing Shot of Our Feet

Rachelle's Foot on a Bench

Rachelle Takes Great Photos Too!

A Cross, Because He Died For You and Me.

A Poll, My Shoe, and Water (plus a little cameo).

So after the party we came back to my house, watch part of a stupid movie, and headed home. I went real slow, because it was snowing like crazy out. So we finally got to her house around 12. I called my mom and said it was real bad out, and asked if I could stay. So I did, and it was fun. Her little cousin cries alot though... So needless to say, I didn't sleep very well, but thats alright, I woke up and went to Chruch in the morning. It was a good weekend.

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