.Distance makes the heart grow fonder

Or so we hope. Rachelle leaves for Florida tomm. That is sad. :( I'm going with her and her Grandma to the air port, and taking her computer home afterwards to work on it. But Christmas break is coming up and hopefully we will be spending alot of time together. In fact, we have plans to see each other Christmas day.

In other news, I've just been working on Virtenu. Tring to improve the load time and such. Easier said than done. I picked out a new template today, and will be moding it to my liking through out the week.

I've been thinking alot about my future latly, woundering how, where, when, why things will happen. I'd love to have some answers, but I don't. I've just got to trust God. Today was a good reminder of that.

I'm tired, so I'm going to bed some time. Probably when Rachelle calls. Good night.

God bless,


Anonymous said...

i'm real happy that you are happy. rachelle has some sweet shoes.
i'll hopefully be at school sometime soon if i ever feel better.


Molly said...

hey Dustin. I havn't talk to you in forever! You might think yeahs its been forever because you know what it has and it makes me sad. we used to be good friends and now i never see you!! honestly it really makes me sad. i know that you have a girlfriend and all and you prolly don't want to here this, but im gonna tell you cuz you need to know!! ok. You have other friends besides your g/f i know you love her and bla bla bla (nothing agains her cuz i want ot meet her) but you don't need to hang out with her every chance you get! you need your friends too. so here's what you do you hang out with everyone more!! We've been their for you and im not just saying all of this. cuz if would be a waste of my time!!(this really is somthing that has been on my heart) no matter what ill still be thier for you and pray for you. SO what ill encourage u to do is to consider this.
Well i hope to talk to you soon!! Have a merry christmas K
love you tons ~*~molly~*~