Life is Good.

The retreat was amazing! It was a good way to spend my weekend. Hopefully there will be lots of pictures to post later on!

Rachelle is absolutly amazing. I love her more than words and begin to discribe. But it's pretty sweet knowing that God loves her even more, her and all of us.

Today was a great day off. I slept in like I never get to do, and feel much better (kinda sad when you call 7 hours of sleep, sleeping in). Had some good french fries, watched The Cave, and did some of Rachelle's homework with her. It's pretty sweet just both of us sitting here in my room on our computers doing stuff. I Love her.

I think I should cut my hair soon, with me probably geting a job and all (2ed interview at Cracker Barel tommarrow). I thought about an emo hair cut, not sure though... tell me what you think.

I think I'm going to go play some more Call of Duty 2, it's great! I can't wait till Dayton Lanfest!

God bless,