Life is good

I'm looking forward to the future. Rachelle and I are in love, God and I are in love. Hopefully this job won't be so bad. Only Chelle and my family know about me having one, so this will tell me if you read my blog or not, haha.

I'm really hoping to get some work done on Bandipedia soon, hopefully that will take off. But first I need to add some forums to the Youth Group's website.

I will be in Canton most of the day Thursday. Rachelle has an orthodontist appointment early in the morning. Good to have a day off from school!

Well, time to go dream of ideas for Virtenu now, tata. Oh, if anyone knows how to make what I think are being called, "movable widgets?" e here, let me know.

God bless,


ILU said...

Rachelle and I are in love.EX3 :-*