Back From New Mexico

Where to start... Well for one, you don't realize how much Ohio sucks until you get out of it. Haha. New Mexico rocked. People there are normal, have less than most of the United States, but rock. I actually became mad when it was time to leave. And all of today (when I got home home) I was confused.

I didn't want to be home, there is still work to be done there. Yes we accomplished all we wanted and much more, but there is still a lot of work to be done there spiritually. I hope to go back soon.

Mixed thoughts cont'd.

On the way home on and off I was angry, angry that I had 'stuff'. Don't get me wrong, they have stuff as well, but I guess it's just the nicer stuff that bothers me most. The way most of us throw our money around like it's nothing. As I was returning home I thought to myself that it's almost like I hate what I once loved, wanted, took for granted, thought I needed.

This is why I want to live out of my car for a few months. Just traveling around the U.S. Being a gospel mobile if you will.

As much as I resent being home, I do recognize that God has me here for a reason, and I need to do what he asks of me in Ohio.

Whew. That being said, the trip was great, and I will probably post all of the things written in my journal.

One quick highlight was that I prayed the prayer of salvation with this little girl. It went so well, so simple, only God could have done it. He is Amazing.

God bless,