Well 1st off, we got 3rd in Dayton, people take advantage of things and give them selves an advantage... Or cheat, whatever you like to call it. Next year will be different.

And Rachelle is moving to Florida... Not for good, just until she's 18 or graduates. That's 6 months or more with out her. I guess this is the final test on our relationship, well not the final hopefully, but the final one until it perhaps becomes more... I hope. Any who, it's going to be hard, but I know we will make it through.

Rachelle = Amazing

I guess college is starting in like a month, should be interesting.

I need to do some more work on Legit Torrents, I haven't posted anything on there in a while.

I also should go to bed, I'm helping Chelle with Chris' papers while he is in the Bahamas.


God bless,