So we leave in 1 day for Florida, it will be interesting to say the least.

Tonight we had a going away party for Chelle at our house, and she was baptized. It was cool :) <3

And tonight, after talking to Steven Mitchel for awhile, we just kinda chilled on our computers, me playing GTA:SA Multiplayer, and her talking to a kid from myspace that lives where she will be living.

After I took her home though, around 2, I decided to work on Torrop of all projects. But guess what, it works! I am almost done with it really, I just need to do some more editing, not sure if I will mess with the template just yet, it looks alright.

Please take a look, register, and use it!

That's all for now.

God bless,

Oh, one more thing. Around 3ish when Torrop was starting to work, I clicked on friends and saw this:
Things are funnier at 3am

Yes, I really laughed at that. Yes, I laughed out loud.



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