Living An Empty Life.

That's what I guess I've been doing as of recent, trying to fill time up, and really just doing nothing because there is nothing to do. Sure, I Pwn like real hard, but you can only pwn so much.

I miss Rachelle, a lot. She would never let me pwn so much, thus I wouldn't be so empty, well kind of.

God and I don't talk as much as we should, but that is going to change, well, just did.

I bring you friends, eBible! It is web 2.0 + Bible. It is really nice, I going to try and visit that site and read it every day, since it seems to be the only place I read is online.

I can see God working here in Mansfield, but my one lingering question remains, when will I be done here? I almost want it to be right now, but I don't think that's God's plan. I long to be with Rachelle, and he knows that, I just have to be patient I guess.

God bless,

P.S. to Rachelle: I love you more than anything in this world, you know that. I can't wait to be with you, I really can't. Forgive me for my annoying calls, but know your always on my mind.