echo "Hello Lame"

So life is a bit lame at this point in time. College is boring, haven't learned more than 2 things this year, most frustrating of all is that my web design teacher is a total noob. I am very disliked by the person I once loved. I have no money, which isn't a big deal other than I would like some money to start up a new project.

Speaking of which, I have several new project ideas, and I'd love to buy domains, but yea... I'm that broke.

Open Source and Creative Commons are becoming more of a passion of mine... Lame I guess, but I've come to the unofficial conclusion that if Jesus was alive today he would use open source.

Torrop is doing well, and will be getting a complete redesign with the release of Pligg 9.1. Legit Torrents got a domain, LegitTorrents.info. Virdesk is still taking off very slowly, so spread the word!

Life may be lame at this point and time, but I still am excited about what God will do in the future with some of my recent ideas.

God bless,