Keep on Sleeping My Generation...

What is wrong with us? We are entertained far beyond what people years ago could have only imagined. We are masters in the art of escapism! We don't care because we have better things to do, they are more fun, and certainly more convenient.

Our country is going downhill so fast, but we turn a blind eye, if we even notice it at all. Each day it seems there is some law, buried among a few hundred page bill, that takes another piece of our freedom from us. We are stuck in a war that will never end, and our money might as well be worth less than used toilet paper soon. Yet we yawn and take a nap.

I have heard it said that our generation still has time to, "find its face." I am beginning to wonder if that person was high. When will we do something to shape the world, to stand up for what is right, to wake up to the real world around us? Do they have to start the draft and take away our internet?

Sleep on my generation, sleep on.