What a Crazy World

Again, it has been ages since I have posted something, or so it seems. I moved about a month a half ago to Marion, IN. Life here is fantastic. I live with Lee, Eric and Tom. People are always over and that rocks.

Rereading through the posts, I did get that job at Camp Burton and was gone pretty much all Summer. Tiffany was too though, in Africa for 2 months. Wow that was hard and seems like so so long ago. It really has been quite a trip since she got back. She went to DC for a few days about 2 weeks after she got home, then back for a day, then I went camping the the Adirondacks in NY for a week. Her greatgrandpa died and we made it back just in time for me to shower for 5 min and head to the funeral. Thanks guys for driving all night to get me back home after climbing a mountain (literally).

This is really all just reiteration for later place in time.

Freelancing is going well for me, God has really blessed me. I had a interview the first weekday I was out here with a web design company. They gave me some contract work and I have been working with them since. Other jobs just keep coming randomly. The people I have been working with are very helpful to me and it really is just a huge blessing.

I am saving up for this shiny rock to put on my girls finger... that might be fun to look at later. haha

Honestly life is great and I am loving it. I need to figure out what to teach on Sunday for the jr. high at God's house though..



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