Listen Up

Time certainly gets the best of you. It is now May. Tiffany and I have been engaged since November! We are getting married on July 30th. I am in the process of obtaining a job in Chicago. She is finishing one last class for her career here at IWU.

I should be working on a few things right now, but I have no desire to. Freelancing has treated me wonderfully, it is very flexible.

I am of course always looking for a new idea to execute, that hasn't changed. What has though is my commitment. Something I dislike greatly and desire to avoid any chance I get. I can no longer take great risks as well, tied in with this commitment. I am voluntarily shackling myself to a 9-5. I censored this post. I am getting married. Things I never thought I would do so soon.

But I also never though of the trade off. I never thought of her. I did not think that Love like this existed. All the things I imagined my future wife to be are contentiously blown away. We share many passions, and love to debate those we don't. I am so thankful.

But alas, I am tired. We stay up late and play internet checkers... She kicks my butt daily.


Anonymous said...

I cannot put into words how incredibly happy I am for you two! I am so proud of the man you have become and with your never ending faith, I know you will only continue to go far. I wish your future bride and yourself more happiness then words can allow. Although we may never speak again I pray that you're life be truly blessed.