Unexpected Post

It seems I never publish anything I write here any more, I think I deem it too personal.

Well maybe this one will make it through. I am at home right now looking out a beautiful window to see the not so beautiful day as some might call it. But it is beautiful. I am 10 stories up facing west from a very nice and very tiny studio apartment. I have always dreamed of having my computer next to a window with a great view, and here I am. Funny thing is it too my lovely wife a lot of patience to get me to agree to rearranging the room.

I get comfortable way too easily, I like things to stay the same... but only if I like them the way they are. Why try something new when this is working just fine right? Is this me? I wouldn't describe myself that way.

We have made many many many MANY friends here in Chicago! This is due to God blessing us with such a fantastic church, Destination. And though we know we are in God's will and he has provided so much support in those friends, I can't help but sometimes miss friends of old. Some of which I may not see for a long while... Jon.

I still have not fully come to terms with his death here on Earth (side note: today is Earth Day). I feel like he is just somewhere else like he has been the past few years, and that I will seem him again soon. This line of thinking might not be too far off.

So today is also Good Friday, and a market Holiday. Day off FTW! So I am doing some work on what I hope someday to be my self employment. Though I do think more lately God has a plan for me being at my current job (well I know he has a plan, but you know what I am saying).


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