India Bound

I can never quite remember what I type into here.

We fly out for India July 16th. No return tickets, estimated 1 year abroad. Awesome.

Tiffany has planned pretty much the entire first month and a half. I did some, but she really deserves all the credit. We will then serve in Pune with a church we found through our current church Sanctuary Columbus Church.

Keeping a blog at: ReroutedJourney.com

Currently I am sitting in Caribou Coffee, Where Tiffany works. She was supposed to work a 3 hour shift today and I was going to join and just do some work until she got off. She got a call this morning and said yes to coming in around 9. I came anyway and have been sitting here since 9:30am. It has been nice to have such focus for an extended time in a different environment though.

I really hope this traveling thing can continue past 1 year though. I am looking at Thailand next. Ultimately thought it is wherever God leads us.

It really is encouraging to see what life can be if you are not tied down to a job and a house. So many possibilities. And of course with God, anything is possible.


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