There are very few things that matter in life.

There are very few things that matter in life.

Sometimes it seems like it is hard to figure out what to do with life, what direction to go. Perhaps it is possible to make that easier by just stepping back and taking a look at life as a whole. Maybe that is hard for you to do on your own, but talking to someone who is older can change that around quickly.

When you hear someone talking about their ENTIRE existence, and how they know there may not be many years left for them, it can be a real eye opener. They went to school, got in some fights, got married, worked, had kids, retired, and are planning for the next few years, knowing death could come upon them, and more certainly those they love who are even older... it's just odd.

Life goes by too quickly to just float through it. Even a regular day contains the ability to change into something special. Don't waste them.