Life Rocks.

Today was a good day. Church was good :). Then my Dad and Chelle and I all went and helped my Grandma put her new stuff in her house, because my Grandpa broke his foot awhile back. Of course it had to be this real nice wood hutch and table and chairs. Needless to say, it was heavy. We got it all in the house, and put up the stairs, except the top to the hutch, which weighed in at a whopping 4 million pounds.

Then tonight we has a ministry meeting at Steve's house. It was inspiring. I'm thinking of be coming a camp counselor this summer at Camp Burton. Chelle said she had thought of it too, along with Jon and Catilin. That would be really cool if we all did that.

I work tomorrow night, boo. I really dislike having a job. But has Danny has helped me see, God has me there for a reason. There is a person I work with that is really eager to know more about God, but Danny no longer sees him. I guess that would be a good reason for why I am there!

My birthday is this Thursday, I'll be 19... Seems so old, but really such a big deal to me for some reason.

I now have working forums on Surgeym.com. Now I need to figure out how to get the domain transferred from this company (I think they bought it when they designed the first page), and also redo the template to better fit forums or find a new one.

Me and Chris were talking about, "The Pwn Zone." What it would be is a LAN once or twice every month at the Church. It would be a great way to reach out to all those people who wouldn't come out for other things. It wouldn't just be people we knew either, we would advertise it many places, even online. Hopefully we would get at least 30 - 40 people the first time, and I'm pretty sure that's more than enough to have some companies sponsor the event! I'm excited to get that together.

Rachelle and I are very happy. I don't think that's any thing new, but it's true and I thought I'd let you know. EX3

Night all.

God bless,