We Don't Need No Education...

Just another brick in the wall... But as that brick, along with many other bricks, we hold up the Kingdom of God. It's good to have other believers to talk to, play with, know exist.

This week has been pretty good so far, worked last night, but not long. Played some games, watch T.V. today. Also worked on Virtenu things.

Finally got control of the domain (Surgeym.com) today. Hopefully that will be redirecting by tomorrow night. Also announced Rsswen (I guess you say it like Ress - when). I also want to figure out how to dump all the articles from Bandipedia, get started with that project.

Youth Group should be good tomorrow, I think it will be a serious night... That seems good to me right now. I'm praying for the guys I eat lunch with, I want them to come out.

Rachelle rox my sox, and I love her to death. EX3

That's all for tonight, time for a few hours sleep.

God bless,