Today was Good.

Today I got out early, took Chelle to get things done (they will work out babe), gota hair cut (pictures later), and ate a huge buritto from Chipotle (yes, pictures later).

This weekend I will be gone on the Youth Group ski trip. It should be lots of fun, just wish Chelle was going too... I hope she still has fun with people here.

Surgeym.com was officaly announced tonight at Church. I'm praying that it gets used. Steve set up a thing where if you register with in 2 weeks you get free pizza and pop, hopefully that will get people online.

I guess there comes a point(s) in life where you just realize what matters. The main thing being God, and the 2ed for me is Rachelle. With God I just know that everything is going to work out according to his plan, so just kinda go with the flow. With Rachelle, I just know that I will always love her. She is the best girlfriend anyone could ask for.

So I guess Chris, me, and a few others are starting a business. I'm taking care of the web design part. It will be sweet if we get business. Cracker Barrel is alright... I guess lol, but if that could be my main source of income, I'd like that much more. We'll see.

Good night.

God bless,