Get it while its hot!

So I didn't have power for a few days, so sorry if you needed to access things on the sites.

Today Rachelle and Alex and (everyone else basically) left for the Kentucky missions trip. It was sad to say good-bye, but I did. It's a lot worse sitting here knowing I wont see her for what will seem like forever. She really does mean a lot to me. But distance makes the heart grow fonder as they say (thanks Grandma! Haha). And I'm sure that God is going to do amazing things with all of them down there this week as well.

Also, kind of weird, missing having little brother around... Wanted to play a game with him, but he's gone too.

UPS is up in the air right now, wandering if I'm going to be on call all the time. If so, it's new job time.

I'm addicted to this new game called Slave Hack now, it was on Digg the other day.

And another game you might actually find interesting called Zwok.

Oh, if you like you can digg my previous post.

That's about it for now, time to play some more Slave Hack before I get to bed. :)

God bless,


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