A lot of Christian Bands go Unheard.

I've discovered that just now, I've found extensive lists of tons of 'unheard' Christian bands. I say unheard because I've never herd of most of them. And I'm quite sure most of them don't have recording contracts, although some are that good. But I view this as a good thing, I despise the RIAA. Hopefully the future wont consist of them.

Any way, here is one band I found that was really good, so I'm going to share them with you!

They call themselves SAINTMAYBE. Apparently they play shows down in the south, they look like some good shows from the pictures, here's one from their site (linked in case they ever want to remove it, not to be mean):

Please stop by their website, and listen to a few of their songs.

God bless,


skaterdude123 said...

I agree that some smaller bands that radio stations don't advertise go unheard of. Ijust went to a youth camp and a band inever herd plaed

skaterdude123 said...

check out my blog at hhtp://coolchristian.blogspot.com

*RoByN* said...

I know of 2 South African Christian bands that no one in the rest of the world seems to know of: Spoonfeedas and MIC. You could check out their websites. I haven't yet so I'll do that now.

badbadrobot said...

Maybe we need to network to build God's Kingdom, as Jason Upton said God spoke to him about an "open earth" needed, more than an open heaven.
We make things happen by working for God & with him, channel His love. The church goes with what is given to it on a plate because most have busy lifestyle, things need to be made easier to access, especially new annointing.
I'm just about to finnish mixing 1st CD, Been waiting many years for this to happen. God's love has willed me on, yet very new to blogs/web page set up. ... met so much talent yet so hard to build a dream when focused on the music to then have to learn computer geek speak
I posted an offer of CD gift set if anyone cud help me with web site set up