I Heart Bit Torrent.

I love Bit Torrent. I just do. I also love LAMP (I doubt anyone that usually reads my blog will really get that) . I have a plan in my head I'm working out on how companies can embrace this new technology. More on that later.

Tonight A bunch of people and myself watched DOOM at Dan's house. It wasn't a bad movie like most people said, brought back some old memories of playing the game. That was when I was just a little n00b.

I remember the first real game (and one of the best) was Battle Zone for PC. I think it was only offered with Gateway machines for a while, a shame the limited a great game to a crappy company. But I can't complain, it was a PC. Good news is some people actually still play this game, (made around '95) and are also working on recreating it as an open source project. I think limited beta testing will start this summer/fall. Here is the site (look in the forums for more information on their project).

So that's about it other than I'm going to do a bit of work on the server for Virtenu.

Good night.

God bless,