Need sleep...

Fall Advance 2006 was great!! I went as a leader this year, and loved every moment of it. Well, it was a bit sad at once point to realize that a year ago all my senior friends were there with me, but other than that it was good!

My back is currently angry with me for sleeping a hard wood bench that was right under the window for 2 days. All the cots and bunks were full. I met a lot of new friends (new to me anyways) and got to bond with some old.

My friend that works at circuit city said I should be getting hired, so I hope that works out tomorrow, I need the cash! Adsense is great, but my sites aren't that popular lol. Speaking of which, Torrop is doing well still! Just need more people to get their hands dirty by submitting and voting! Also, Legit Torrents is growing too! I recently redesigned it, tell me what you think of the new look.

I need sleep now.

God bless,