5*3 Days Till She Moves In!

Yes, that's 15 days till Rachelle moves in. That's exciting. It's hard for me to hear about all she goes through and not be able to be there for her... :( but that will change soon!

She's Beautiful

Arena Football was fun last night, we lost but that's ok.

Today I've been workin' on Virtenu, it still needs some help. Hopefully when I'm done with it, I'll be able to make some small amounts of money off it... But then again I never do. I need to get a job soon. But my main focus right now is getting Rachelle down here and situated.

I like comments =) and you don't have to be a blogger member to post one ;).

God bless,


Morgan said...

dustin..ahh you two are so cute! ahh i'm just gonna see you in the halls how will i deal?