Mr. Bloggy, Mr. Blog.

This weekend was absolutely amazing. I picked up Rachelle Friday evening, and we spent the entire weekend together! I took her home last night. We did a lot of movie watching, which is weird for me, because I never watch movies... But I finally have someone to do that with. So on with the big news!

Rachelle is moving in. Cha, I know, it's crazy! I'm so happy. Why you ask? I'll let you ask her yourself. But, here is her blog:


Yes puppy, your right, xanga does suck :)

So that's the best news since Unreal 2007! And she'll be moving in around the weekend of Feb. 4th. She does online schooling, so no, she won't be coming to Lexington. She will be coming to Church with me all the time, and probably with me all the time in general, so look forward to it =)!

That's it for this lovely post, I'm too happy to post anything else!!! God is good.

God bless,


Anonymous said...

you are the most amazing thing in this world.