And the Beat Goes On...

Whew, where to start? Thursday I guess. So I went to pick Rachelle up Thursday night after Arena Football (We lost again, but it was fun none the less.) On my way back. What do you know? Another ticket. Lovely. No court though, just $78.00 down the drain.

I was picking her up because she kind of lost her job when she stayed the night Monday (Because she got a flat on the way home, didn't feel well, and couldn't handle it all.) because she got 6 points. So with no work, she went on the ministry team retreat with everyone to the Dare 2 share conference in Columbus. It was an amazing time, God works in amazing ways.

So this weekend, she is moving down to, "Sunny Mansfield." I don't know why they call it that... It's really not that pretty here or anything. But she will not be, "Staying" with me persay, because she will be sleeping at my Aunt and Uncles (Right down the road.) and just eating and spending most her time here at my place. Ya that's that I said... But my parents seem to be very concerned with the "temptation factor." But rightfully so, I would be if my kid has his girlfriend sleeping in the basement. But at least she will be here!

So I've been working on Virtenu a lot lately, trying to get the first site (The Rebels Rebellion) up and going. I install the forums today, but found out I've got to do it all over again, because I need to install a different version of the forums.

After that I will be working on surgeym.com, our Youth Groups site. I think I might end up hosting it as well.

Then, when that is stable (with or without forums I'm not sure), then I will start work on a legal bittorrent tracker.

That's my roadmap for now.

God bless,