What's It About?

Hello. This post is about random things. Tonight we had a ministry team meeting, it was fun, I'm really looking forward to what will be happening in 2006. Winter retreat coming up, AFL, D2S trips, ministry retreat.

Here are some random pictures from my phone.

Here are a few from a Sunday when there was no room in Chipotle:

That's So Hot, Yet So Cold

Yes, It Keeps Your Drinks Cold

Lee, My Eskimo Friend, Likes Burritos

Now for lovely pictures of Rachelle and I, on Christmas:

So Lovely.


And this next picture of where I was on Wendsday night, Rachelle's Youth Group:

Very Sweet, It Rocked!

And there you have it folks, first picture post of the new year. I hope you enjoyed them.

I hope to go take some interesting pictures consisting of signs on Lake High School (look to previous post).

Good night all, stay safe, and God bless.